Worldcup Bitterfeld 2001
IX. IKR – Pokalwettbewerb
I. Holländischer Combat - Worldcup
28. April – 1.Mai 2001

the Modellsport-Fesselflugverein Bitterfeld e.V. as well as the dutch combat-team (Helle, Monique and Loet Wakkerrann) are very happy to announce an international combined World Cup taking place in Bitterfeld for the first time. In addition we will organize together with Robert Schulze the first official International BCD-Cup (Basic Carrier Deck) and we are looking for lots of participants. Therefore we would like to invite everybody who is interested and would be very happy to welcome you in Bitterfeld from April 28th until May 1st .

Loet Wakkermann

Robert Schulze

Matthias Möbius

F2C / Goodyear-Racing
Workshop and Training

The current World Champion of Team Race Jean Paul Perret suggested to have a Team Racing and Goodyear Racing workshop during the time of this years competition in Bitterfeld for all interested pilots and mechanics and all TR-newcomers. He will bring a lot of documentation and of course all his "Know-how" and he wants to share it with all interested people, who wants to get familiar to this categorie. Also a training session will be held. Jean Paul: "The idea that all modellers have is wrong. It is not difficult to built and fly a Good year Racer and after a Team Racer. It's not more expensive to built and buy a Good year engine than a good combat or stunt engine. ... "
We will, of course, support this idea,- as we did last year with 1/2A Fun-Team-Race category, what got a lot of friends in Germany by our initiative! Even if there is only one paved circle in Bitterfeld - we will find any time to fly Good year TR on it!

Worldcup :

Aerobatic Models F2B Juniors, Seniors
Team Racing Models F2C Juniors, Seniors
Combat F2D Juniors, Seniors

International open:

Speed Models F2A

Control Line Flying Scale Models F4B
Control Line Flying Scale Models with flat fuselage
Team – Race
Beginner with seperate judging of pupil

Friday, 27.04.2001 9.00 - 20.00 practise I/II
Saturday, 28.04.2001 9.00 opening I
9.30 - 19.00 1. heat F2B
heat F2C
1.and 2.heat F2A
heat F2D
judging of the building F4B
1. and 2. heat F4B
Sunday, 29.04.2001 8.00 - 19.00 2. heat F2B
3. heat F2A
heat F2C
3. heat F4B
final combat
Beginner acro
price giving F2A,F2D,F4B
Monday, 30.04.2001 8.00 - 19.00 3. heat F2B
Semifinale/Finale F2C
heat/Finale team race
price giving
Tuesday, 1.05.2001 8.00 - 16.00 practise possibilities
I asphalt flying area
II grass flying area
III tent for judges
IV restaurant tent
until now we have the confirmation of following judges:

director of competititon Dr. Matthias Möbius Germany
judges F2B Brigitte Mobius
Joachim Schiffler
Luis Van de Hout
Joachim Feldmann
judges F2C Paul Rietbergen
Jochen Schiffler
Max Gründel
judges F2D Gerda Michiels
Guido Michiels
Thomas Dürrfeld
entry fee:

Seniors 40 DM 10 DM for further classes
Juniors 25 DM 5 DM for further classes


One is able to registrate until April 10th 2001. The Organizer leaves the possibility up to raise an additional entry fee for later registrations.

right of participation :

Owner of a guilty sport license have the right to take part at a world cup. For non-world-cup classes a guilty insurance is enough. Participants of the beginner-contest do not need to prove a club - membership.
The prerequisite for a participation is an insurance. All participants are liable for arising damages by this insurance .

accomodation :

Camping on the site is possible. If you bring cables power will be available.. Water will be available in the restrooms. Please let us know on your registration form if you bring caravans.

We recommend the following hotels:
Country Hotel Brehna excellent Hotel which offers special conditions for participants
single room 80 DM/night
double room 100 DM/night
distance to the flying field: 8 km Tel.: 034954-650

Hotel Veste Coburg good Hotel
one night including breakfirst about. 45 DM/night distance to the flying field about 1,5 km Tel.: 03493-69037

how to drive :

Bitterfeld is situated in the eastern part of Germany close to Leipzig.The easiest way to find it is to drive on the A9 towards Berlin. Right after the Schkeuditzer Kreuz use the second departurte (on 103,5 km; Number 13) towards Bitterfeld. After passing the town Brehna drive straight about 5km. Do not turn left or right until you see on the left site the big car-sale-house of Brüggemann. Please pass it, drive about 700 meters straight and turn left when you see the sign of our flying field.

Programm for pupil :

In Bitterfeld children (until they reach the age of 18) have the possibility to fly the following special programm and get judged seperatly :

(1) Start - (2) three rounds on horizontal line - (3) three rounds45 Grad - (4) Wing-over - (5) one inside Loop - (6) ; two Laps Inverted Flight - (7) one outside Loop - (8) easy eight à revision (2)-(8) - (16) landing.

If necessary, we will also fly the "Bietigheimer" programm : Start - Wing-over - three Consecutive Inside Loops - two Laps Inverted Flight -three Consecutive Outside Loops - horizontal Eight - one vertical Eights - one overhead Figure Eights - landing

please send your participation form to:

Dr. Matthias Möbius, Friesenstr. 7
06479 Bitterfeld
Tel./Fax. 03493 25607

Dr. Matthias Möbius
or to
Holger Suchi
Please do also visit the homepage of our club: