26. International IKR – World-Cup


April 28th - 29th, 2018

Dear friends,

for your early time scheduling we publish the invitation to the

26th International IKR World-Cup in C/L

April 28th and 290th, 2018

again as a part of the "DreiländerPokal 2018"

Download the Invitation to Dreilaenderpokal   and the Invitation to Karlskoga 10-13/5 2018   and the Invitation to Herning 19-20/5 2018   as PDF-file.

Camping :

Camping is possible on site.

Please annonce Caravans in advance due to limited space

Accomodation :

At the Country-Park-Hotel Brehna, less then 10km away (B100 SO, direction Halle/Salle) we could get a contingent of rooms at special rates. With the code "Fesselflug" you can book single rooms for 45,-EUR, double rooms for 55,-EUR and triple bed rooms for 65,-EUR per room including breakfast.
You will find other nice hotels and B&B guesthouses in Bitterfeld, too.

Arrival :

Beginning with April 27th, 2018 camping and training
will be possible
In case of problems with the early starting time on saturday at 8o'clock please give a message, we will respect this for the draws.
Contest categories: World-Cup and Dreiländerpokal:               F2A-Speed, F2B-Acro, F2D-Combat,
International open:      F2G Electric Speed,
                                  national Beginner categories

Contest director: Holger Suchi
Head of Jury: Dr. Matthias Möbius, Ingemar Larsson, Pavol Barbaric, Rostislav Razboril a.o.
Data Processing Team: Susanne Suchi
Registration deadline: Registration is appreciated before April 15th, 2018.
Late registration until opening ceremony possible.
Please send registrations to:
Holger Suchi
Klingenweiherstrasse 4
91074 Herzogenaurach
Tel./Fax: +49 9132 747174
MOEBI_BTF@t-online.de or to
MSFV Bitterfeld e.V.
Entry fee : Seniors: 35 Euro ( each further category 5 Euro)
Juniors: 15 Euro ( each further category 5 Euro)
Right of participation : A valid insurance is mandatory prerequisition for any participation and must be presented. All participants are liable for arising damages by their insurance.
Owner of a valid FAI sporting license and ID (beside of the above mentioned insurance) have the right to take part in the World Cup envents. License will be validated online with FAI database. Make sure your ID is to be found in there. For non-world-cup classes a valid insurance is sufficient.
prelim. Time schedule:
April 27th,2018 Arrival to training days, free training at paved and grassy circles
April 28th,2018   8.00  
                     8.30 - 20.00 
Opening ceremony
April 29th,2018   7.00 - 20.00 
price giving after finishing of each contest
April 30th, 2018 Departure - your welcome to stay until May 1st (bank holiday in Germany)

Please study the updated, valid FAI-Sporting code 2018

As an amendment to the FAI rules we declarate this local rule - as done so already since 2014 - as a result of the highly dangerous cut-off manoeuvres observed at the 2013' world-cup:
If an attempt to cut off the engine or any other manoeuvre without influence of the opponent results in ruptured lines ( = fly-away), then we will consider the uses material as not suitable and dangerous and we will discualify the pilot from the heat.

We are further announcing again this local deviation to the new rule 4.2.12.f):
" At all World Cup contests, facsimile copies of the judges score sheets from each official flight shall be given to the respective competitor before the competitor’s next flight in the contest or at the latest at the end of each round of the contest." This would require us to provide expensive paper or a copy-machine! We won't do this! The protocols will be available at the office for everyone to copy or photo by himself.

Registration form World Cup 2018

Please provide FAI-License/ID for online validation!
Please indicate here if you like to take part in one of the national beginner's categories!

Without "Name", "License-Number", "FAI-ID" and "e-mail" no registration !

"If we don't meet in other world, we surely meet in Bitterfeld"
(medieval saying about Bitterfeld, what is situated at an important junction of medieval trade traffic routes)