Windeck - Leuscheid 11.-12.August 2001

a 1/2A Reportt

Die Combat JuryMuuuuh Second time (at least for us) we went to the Captain Hook Cup which, organized by Robert Schulze, hosts some non-FAI classes and takes place near Weyerbusch. The weather forecast was excellent and so lots of fun could be expected. Competitions were held in Beginner-Stunt, Oldtime Stunt, 1/2 A Combat, 1/2 A Fun Team Race and Basic Carier Deck (BCD).

It was one of the rare occasions where the weather forecast was right and so we had lots of sun on Saturday.

 Lots of people contributed to the success of this event : Paul Rietbergen, who once again, was the captain and judge of the carrier deck, Helle Wakkermann who managed the 1/2A combat and Robert and his team were judging the the stunt fliers, young and old.


My brother Andreas and me only started in BCD, 'cause our Team Racers still aren't repaired after the last race. Mainly because my work-shop is still packed in boxes after I moved ... But Axel asked us to help with the organisation of the 1/2 Team race, which we did and really enjoyed it. As, by the way, the whole competition. All people were really relaxed, no stress, just fun. Therefore starting in almost all competitions wasn't a problem for some guys.

1/2A Fun Team Race. Five teams entered the competition. Before starting the first race, we had a short meeting of all participants to discuss the 'rules of the day'; 'til now we don't have official rules, but we should make up for that, as the questions and discussions did show us. The "bone of contention" was the starting method: the small planes with even smaller wheels do not perform best on grass and thatswhy most of the teams recommended to allow throwing the model for starting. But in support of the grass course one must admit that a golf course is nothing compared to that. I don't know how the got it that way.


Cause there were some newcomers - for some pilots it was the first time in team race, like Felix - we only draw two teams for the heats:

Peter Grabenstein P, Frank Wadle M / 9:03,69
Felix Kehnen P, Klaus Maikis M 7:17,41

Andreas Hoffmann P, Axel Jungherz M / 8:30,70
Uwe Kehnen P, Wolfgang Kratz M 6:53,53

Jan Hodek P, Kurt Hodek M / 95R
Peter Grabenstein P, Frank Wadle M 6:58,14

Felix Kehnen P, Klaus Maikis M / 7:17,60
Andreas Hoffmann P, Axel Jungherz M 12:43,90

Uwe Kehnen P, Wolfgang Kratz M / 6:46,59
Jan Hodek P, Kurt Hodek M 8:32,22

Andreas Hoffmann P, Axel Jungherz M / 6:54,14
Peter Grabenstein P, Frank Wadle M 8:08,88

Felix Kehnen P, Klaus Maikis M / 7:23,84
Jan Hodek P Kurt Hodek M 7:05,92

Uwe Kehnen P, Wolfgang Kratz M dnf

Thats a super result, only one team, of all starts, did not finish 100 laps due to an unlucky start. No models lost, no crashes. The best three within 15 seconds! But the best of all came on Sunday after the lunch break: the Final over 200 laps. What a race. Fair, but the jury hat to turn a blind eye to not disqualify any of the teams. It could be seen that there is some lack of competition experience. And the small models require a very fine controlling. Especially after the starts there were dangerous situations, when the starting model went into a wingover straight away. But repeatedly crashes were avoided and the results tell its own tale. All teams reached the 200 laps and all within only 28 seconds. Really excellent.



1. Uwe Kehnen P Wolfgang Kratz M 14:06,72

2. Peter Grabenstein P Frank Wadle M 14:15,72

3. Andreas Hoffmann P Axel Jungherz M 14:34,43




Here are some photos of the winning models. Noteworthy the strategy of "Wolle": Using a 1ccm PAW his model was almost as fast as the 1,5 ccm powered ones but it went 74 laps without pitstop! Very successful, as the result showed. Question to all: Should we require (at least) two pit stops in the rules???