29.-30.September 2001 Welzow

German Cup Combat, German Championship F4B-Scale,
just for fun F2B and 1/2A-Racing

The last competition in 2001 (for me) was Welzow again. Camping at the end of September - crazy!
But the weather was good and after a long drive we were greeted with sun and dryness.
For the first time this year the Combat and F2B was flown on the R/C field of the Welzow club, surrounded by lawns and wood - a place every modeller is dreaming of. Gunter Wagner's F1A plane landet even after a 7 min flight inside the area ...
But unfortunately all good wasn't together, which was F4B and 1/2A teamrace took place far away (2,5 km) at the runway at the Cafe Concorde. If an area on the runways near the R/C field would have been cleaned from grass, it would have been much easier, at least for the 1/2A racers. As some of them flew combat until the end it was very difficult to coordinate. But nevertheless a good competition!
Strongly recommended: the "Welzow fried mushrooms"; like in the last years there wer lots of muhsrooms, mostly boletus to be found in the woods and they tasted delicious in the evening. (the author is not aware of any fatalities ..)

Thanks a lot to the organisation team and see you again next year.

Holger Suchi

The pictures on this page were provided by Joachim Tobisch. Thank you very much.